First, allow me to say that I know for a fact that’s coverage of this year’s Dragon*Con, an annual science fiction and fantasy convention taking place in Atlanta, is lackluster.  I know this because currently, I am resting up to go back there tomorrow.

I will not, however, leave you with the impression that what they are doing is an easy undertaking.  You should also disregard the idea that Dragon*Con is a boring event, not worthy of more coverage.

Let’s take the parade for example.  A link to this article is on’s homepage.

CNN’s coverage looks promising, but when you actually click on the link, there are only 11 pictures, and no videos!

Additionally, there is only a very limited description of who took part in the parade and no mention whatsoever of the celebrities involved.

This article does not include enough multimedia elements.  The event was a full scale parade that lasted rather a long time.  There were multiple marching bands and bagpipe groups.  Many people in costumes were doing more than merely marching, and yet there is no video or sound.  And there were hundreds of people involved, yet there are only 11 pictures so far.  The site is inviting those who saw the parade to contribute.

There isn’t very much by way of panel coverage, either.

I think the editors may have dropped the ball here.