utilizes iReports in order to obtain and showcase crowdsourced data. CNN has expertly incorporated this data into its business plan. Citizen journalists are very aware of the iReport service, and they utilize it freely.

Let’s have a look at their front page:

You will notice that there is a bar above the colorful grid of pictures with a series of options on it. The options are iReport Home, Upload, Assignments, iReports, iReporters, Blog, Map, My iReport Profile. These are largely self explanatory, and they should be easy for viewers to peruse.

One thing that I noticed as being an inconvenience, is that when one right clicks an image on the grid, there is no way to open the story in a new tab. This is atypical for a news website, and it makes selecting a news story more of a hassle.

Also, clicking on the “Pride a the Beach” story not lead directly to the news story. It leads to a picture and a blurb. The blurb lists a source, which is a profile. Scrolling down the profile, I found the news story at last. The number of clicks I had to use to find the news story struck me as rather remarkable.

There are some minor formatting errors, but the story itself is quite strong. The article was descriptive to a degree that it fits the blogger perspective and perhaps not the perspective of a hard news story.

To an outside observer, the pictures were quite good.

Here’s the iReport assignment page for New York Comic Con:

And here’s an example of a response to that assignment:

Those images are from last years convention, and clearly labeled as such. I image their inclusion is meant as guidance for this year’s participant photos. These pictures are quite good.

This photoset connects NYCC to the popular Occupy Wallstreet movement:

I’m curious to see what other iReporters post from NYCC this year.

Edit:  Please forgive the unlinked links, I wrote this at the hospital, and their filters are set so that blogging is very difficult.  My grandmother is in the hospital, and I was sitting with her.  I’m home now, attempting to fix the errors.