is not the only news service to use social networking websites like Twitter, but it is certainly very proficient.’s Twitter account can be found here:!/CNN

As you can see, there can be gaps of up to four hours between new tweets. The individual tweets on this account are mostly links to articles that explain the topics more fully.

One example would be this tweet: Family seeks answers in death of woman with ties to Philly dungeon suspect via@susancandiotti @cnnross @SarahHoyeCNN

Which leads to this article:

The tweet indicates the subject of the story, and it shows where readers can find it.

For breaking news, Twitter users can use this site:!/cnnbrk

News on this account tends to be fresher and less feature ridden than CNN’s main account. The most recent lead at the moment is concerning a recent earthquake:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says 138 people are dead in the wake of Sunday’s powerful quake.

Note that this post also includes a link to this article:

Although the twitter accounts are different, the tweets are basically structured the same way.

Many anchors also have their own twitter accounts through which they may access their audiences, including Anderson Cooper.

I think this sort of Twitter use can be extremely useful to CNN, because it directs users onto’s website. On the other hand, in general, I dislike Twitter. I find it rather dull. I’d rather use Tumblr, Facebook, or Google+. The interactivity for these websites is somewhat improved. Beyond that, I prefer the multimedia aspects of these sites. Twitter isn’t programmed to utilize pictures or video the way I like to use them.