Tate Russell on Sports Journalism

Tate Russell, a University of Tennessee Journalism and Electronic Media student, sat down to talk with me about how he feels about sports journalism.

Russell is from a family that loves sports.  His father was a coach at Alcoa, and his sister plays basketball.  Russell himself became interested in sports at a young age.  Like many children, Russell briefly collected baseball cards.

Russell does not simply like to watch sports.  He also enjoys playing a variety of sports, including basketball, flag football and softball.  When he isn’t watching a sporting event or playing a game, sometimes he likes to watch movies about sports.

As a sports journalist, Russell plans to cover a variety of sports.  When it comes to teams, he doesn’t play favorites.  He prefers a more unbiased approach.  He researches the competitors before the game to prepare to write his article.  Russell does not generally use Twitter or other online media when he writes an article.  He prefers to write for newspapers.

Russell is a Hope scholar, and he is putting himself through school.  Before he changed his major, Russell was studying to be a pharmacist.  He still works at Blount Discount Pharmacy.

Russell lives in Maryville.