, a website that I believe is ahead of the curb on many points, but when it comes to pretty graphics, there simply aren’t enough.

Just look at this article about Netflix:

There are so many numbers in this article! This story could easily be told with percentages, maps, and graphs, and yet there isn’t so much as a pie chart to be seen. A colorful, well organized pie chart could show the 32.7% internet bandwidth used by Netflix. A graph could show the 800,000 paid subscribers dropping the service. A map could be used to show Netflix use internationally.

Yet there are no graphs, charts, or maps to be seen, only the article, which is rather dry.

Here’s another story that could benefit from an info graphic:

There are a lot of numbers involved in this story. Those percentages could be clearly labeled and explained on a pie chart. It could be titled, “People Infected with Measles. The percentage of people who had been infected and never immunized could be pictured on the chart, as well as those too young to be immunized.

In fact, I had a very difficult time finding any info graphics at all. I looked at every story I could find, hoping that CNN had some clever graphic for me to look at and critique. But oddly, I couldn’t find one at all.

I think CNN could benefit from using these graphics, And perhaps they will in the future.